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Our Role

Our Role for Milk Production Enhancement

Since last so many years milk production in our country is much more less than its demand. To enhance the Milk Production, Fodder has a significant role, and it is well known that high yielding Fodder is the cheapest source of Animal nutrition.

To increase the Milk Production, our research and development unit is intensively engaged in researches on various fodder crops with a view to ensure the availability of Green Fodder round the year.Thus gap between demand and supply can easily be leveled by producing Scheduled Green Fodder from Mygrow Fodder Seeds.

Mygrow Fodder Seeds : Important Facts

Green Fodder, Forage, and grasses produced through Mygrow Fodder Seeds contains more proteins and minerals, which plays an important role in Milk Production.

Benefits from the fodder grown by Mygrow Seeds are :

  • More Germination Power
  • More Uniform Crop
  • More Nutritious Fodder
  • More Delicious Fodder
  • More Multicut Varieties
  • More Production of Fodder
  • More Milk Production
  • More Income to the farmer